Good Luck at American Ninja Warrior PJ!

Pj, you are going to do amazing!! Im so so proud of you! Good luck!!


PJ, you are going to kill the course. Good Luck I know you will be AWESOME. I’m so proud of you! Can’t wait to confetti 🎉


Where do I begin? You never cease to amaze me & you are the embodiment of perseverance & motivation. I’m very proud of you, actually all of us are very proud of you. Mama and papa wish you the best and we all know you will do well and hit that buzzer. Keep looking up and reaching for higher ground, the stars are within your reach. Your mom would be very proud, remember she is with you on this journey and every journey you have been on –

She is your spiritual warrior. She has never left your side. Love ya kid, Xoxo

Lisa Camargo

The page looks legit bud Congrats!! It’s been inspirational to watch you grow since we were kids & see just how much you’ve accomplished & overcome in your life!! You’ll always be my brother & I will always be rooting for ya buddy!! Goodluck tonight/Tuesday morning you got this bro so proud of you!!

Justin Anderson

So happy to see your vision become a reality. Cheers to you. I think your mom would be very proud of you.


PJ, you’re going to kill the course! You’ve inspired me to become a better dancer and to always keep my head up. Good Luck and don’t get wet!


We’re all so proud of you!! You have all of our support from Rock City and you’re gonna kill it!


PJ, you are going to do great. It’s your time to shine. You got this bro, your road to success begins here now. It’s your time to take the road…


Good Luck! Hope you have a fun time. You’re going to do great! We’re rooting for you to hit the red buzzer! I WANT TO SEE CONFETTI!

Madeline K.

Good luck bro, this is your time to shine go show them what you could do, your mom would be so proud of what you accomplished so far!!


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